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Locals ready to see food trucks rolling in the county

. - HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - There's still one more hurdle before you'll see food trucks officially operating within Horry County.
Horry County Council's third and final vote to approve the ordinance is scheduled for May.

The food truck discussion clocks back to the end of 2013, and after a lot of research, council workshops, meetings, amendments, and even a public survey, council members feel confident they've got it. Some in the restaurant business believe that's a good thing, because they say mobile restaurants are trending right now.

Brad Adams knows all about food; he is a manager at a Hooters Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach, and has been a chef in the business for 15 years.

"A food truck vendor is a good way to get their name out, to get their food out, to get their ideas out to the public instead of having a restaurant
where you got to setup and have a building and all kinds of permits," said Adams.

Adams said a mobile restaurant on wheels is booming business right now all over the nation, and he feels Horry County county needs to pass the ordinance to help boost business. 

"You can drive around and take it to where the customers want the food," Adams explained.

The ordinance to get food trucks up and running in Horry County has faced obstacles. It was shot down at least twice -  one reason: council members were concerned the ordinance would interfere with other existing restaurants.

"Was it going to be a conflict with mom-and-pop or brick and mortar businesses and we found more brick-and-mortar businesses were told they wanted to do the same thing from a marketing standpoint," said Mark Lazarus, Horry County Chairman.

Right now you still can't apply for a food truck permit, but Council members say if it passes the final reading, permit applications could be accepted as early as June.

There are plans to look at adjusting the number of trucks for a designated area, basically the bigger the area, the more trucks you could have. This would help shopping centers and malls. Right now the ordinance limits the number of trucks to one based on the parcel size. Another change would be for the hours of operation, which are currently 6 a.m. to 3 a.m.

"You see a lot of people are wanting to try the food trucks cause it's something new; it's interesting; it's different than going to a restaurant, a drive-thru, even a fair or carnival," said Adams. "It's a new idea and a lot of people trying to extend their food cravings."

A committee plans to look into these possible amendment changes, and then make their recommendations back to the county council, in time for the final reading where they will decide if they want to implement those changes or leave the ordinance like it is.

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