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Neighbors battle over a new barrier in Hunters Ridge

Neighbors in the Hunters Ridge community fight over leaving the gate up or down. (Source: Lisa Gresci) Neighbors in the Hunters Ridge community fight over leaving the gate up or down. (Source: Lisa Gresci)

 MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A barrier gate was put up by one neighborhood group, and then torn down by another. Neighbors of the Hunters Ridge community continue to feud over a new gate. 

Two of the five Hunters Ridge sub-communities are continuing to fight about the new gate separating them.  

Tuesday afternoon, residents from both communities were nearly playing tug of war with the iron fence in the middle of the road.

"We can work it out, just give us an opportunity," Marlowe Ubl said. Ubl is the president of The Plantation Home Owners Association. 

Moments later, residents of the plantation community began to rip off the new gate. The group of men fought over the gate in the middle of the road before the group cooled off. 

The controversial gate, put up by the Legacy community, was knocked down Monday by someone who lives in the Plantation community.

"They came up to this gate, doing about 40 miles per hour, slammed on the brakes, slid up this far from the gate, almost knocked me over, went and grabbed him, threw him aside, took the gate and heaved it over there," Jim Georgia explained. 

Tuesday, Legacy community leaders moved to put up the gate once more, catching the leaders of the Plantation community off guard.

"In the meantime, I understood we were going to leave the gate down until we figured something out?" Ubl asked. 

"I never said that at all." Georgia replied.

"Well thank you so much, I mean you are really being cooperative aren't you," Ubl said. 

"Yes sir, I'm being more cooperative than you people were over the years, I can tell you that," Georgia said as he continued to put up the gate. 

The Plantation community also has a gate, a gate those of the Legacy community say they have not been able to use for years.

Which is why Legacy Home Owners Association President Jim Georgia says they've put up their own gate, to stop Plantation residents from driving through their neighborhood.

However, one thing both sides can agree on at this point, is just how out of hand the situation has become.

"...really wild, I mean these people are way out of control," Georgia said.

"It's really unfortunate, I am so sorry to see it happening, our goal. At least recently, please believe me, is that we've been trying to say lets sit down as neighbors...we aren't enemies," Ubl said. 

As of now, gates on both sides are open until a decision is made, and the two HOA boards will meet Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Plantation Community's pool house. 

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