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Socastee Elementary taking precautions after possible bed bug found

Source: Socastee Elementary on Facebook Source: Socastee Elementary on Facebook

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Horry County Schools is taking precautions against possible bed bugs after a bug was found in a kindergarten classroom at Socastee Elementary.

Although the school cannot confirm the bug was an actual bed bug, the school is operating under the impression that this is the case, according to Tammy Trulove, the Director of Student Health Services.

On Monday, after the bug was found, the class was moved to another room as crews vacuumed the carpets and cleaned the room, Trulove said. Book bags from the room were put in plastic bags to keep them separated, and other fabric items were removed from the classroom.

Trulove said a pest company is coming in to steam heat the room Wednesday to get rid of any possible bed bugs, as heat is the best way to get rid of them.

Bed bugs are very rare to have schools and Trulove said this is not an infestation. It is believed that a student brought the bug in with them on their clothes or other belongings.

The school was has not yet identified and isolated the source, but will work with parents to find a solution to clean the problem, Trulove explained.

Letters were not sent home to parents regarding this issue because bed bugs are not considered a public health issue, as they do not spread disease and are more or less a nuisance, Trulove said.

The school will continue to monitor the room where the bug was found, and if issues continue to happen, experts will be brought back in.

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Note: WMBF News was initially told by school officials that the room had already been steam heated, and that the source of the bug had been identified. During a later interview, this information was clarified with our reporter.

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