Construction work finally wrapping up for good at Backgate

Construction work finally wrapping up for good at Backgate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Just when you thought it was over, there's more construction going down by the Backgate on 17 Bypass at Farrow Parkway. It seems like the road work project that never ends.

The inside southbound lane of the Bypass was milled and ground up over the last few days, even though the asphalt there was brand new. Many people want to know why.

It turns out, when construction crews laid the asphalt on the inside southbound lanes between Shetland Lane and Coventry Boulevard, back before the winter, it didn't meet the state-required speciation. The density of the asphalt was just barely too thin, but they didn't know about the problem until after the roadway was already done.

Once winter hit, the temperature was too cold to fix it. Now that spring is in full force, crews are finally able to go back in and make repairs. Overnight Sunday, crews started to mill the road, making it very tough to drive on and on completely different plans on each side.

Monday night, they were supposed to lay new asphalt down, but the rain thwarted those plans.

So whenever the rain clears out, the county says crews will finish the project.

"Well it would be very nice to stop seeing orange and yellow cones all over the place for the first time in three years," says Jamin' Jamie Keats, owner of Jamin' Leather. "So, yeah, we're lookin' forward to a nice, clean exit and hopefully it'll be completely done over the next couple of days."

The good news: the county says it is the actual last bit of road work for the Backgate project. The City of Myrtle Beach is responsible for landscaping the medians, so that will be done, but drivers won't see any more road work after the southbound lanes are finished.

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