Dash camera video released in N. Charleston fatal shooting; Michael Slager's mother speaks out

Dash camera video released in N. Charleston fatal shooting; Michael Slager's mother speaks out

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WMBF) - Dash camera video released Thursday shows the very start of what would become a fatal encounter between a North Charleston police officer and the driver he is accused of murdering.

The police dash cam video shows what begins as a routine traffic stop Saturday morning. Walter Scott pulled over for a broken taillight.

Officer Michael Slager approaches the car; there is a brief conversation about whose car it is. Scott seems to say he is purchasing it.

The officer returns to his car, apparently to check on Scott's driver's license.

At one point, Scott starts to exit the vehicle but complies when told to stay inside.

But it's that other tape of Slager minutes later shooting an unarmed and fleeing Scott in the back that has turned this into a murder case.

[The dash cam video] captures the events that led up to these events but it's not going to be this positive game changer in terms of finding out what really happened cause we still have some time that's unaccounted for," said Eugene O'Donnell, John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The NCPD is facing tough questions about its officer's actions after Saturday's shooting.

According to the incident report, multiple officers witnessed other officers providing "first aid to the subject."

One describes, "...applying pressure to the gunshot wounds."

Another "assisted...with first aid and CPR to the driver...until EMS arrived."

And a third reports seeing someone administering "...chest compression."

In part of the cell phone video, officers are seen attending to Scott, but he remains on his stomach and no chest compression are seen.

It's also unclear how soon that happened after the shooting because of a break in the recording.

"What I saw is what I believe to be a police officer removing the shirt of an individual and performing some sort of life-saving- but I'm not sure what took place there," said Driggers, police chief.

Feidin Santana, the man who took the video, told NBC's Lester Holt he was surprised that medical attention took so long.

"I thought maybe the cops or the police would've turned his face so he can breathe if he was alive," said Santana. Lester: He remained face down?

Santana: He remained face down.

Officer Slager is charged with murder and has not yet entered a plea.

Thursday, his mother spoke publicly for the first time.

"As one mother to another mother I can understand this... So I just want them to know that I'm sorry this happened and that this has made a change in everybody's life," Karen Sharpe, Slager's mother.

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