4 Conway men indicted on federal drug conspiracy charges

4 Conway men indicted on federal drug conspiracy charges

COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) - Four Conway men have been indicted on federal drug conspiracy charges.

Marcus Dalton Hemingway, a/k/a “Face,” 36; Marco Delton Hemingway, a/k/a “Co-Teezy,” a/k/a “Co,” 36; Albert Tyrone Mayes, a/k/a “JT,” 40; and Robert Hemingway, Jr., a/k/a “Booda,” 34, were indicted by a federal grand jury earlier this year, said United States attorney Bill Nettles.

The indictment follows a year-long undercover investigation by local, state, and federal law enforcement.

The undercover operation yielded multiple drug purchases by undercover officers from dealers in the Conway community.

The indictment is part of the “C-S.T.A.N.D.” program launched in Conway in late 2013. The program, an acronym for “Conway—Starting Toward a New Direction” is an application of the Drug Market Intervention program, coordinated by the United States Attorney's Office and most recently utilized in the Charleston Farms community in North Charleston beginning in 2011.

The initiative is a unified, proactive approach that bands together local, state, and federal law enforcement with community partners in an effort to eradicate open drug dealing in a multiple block area of Conway.

Officials say the next step of the program calls for help from the community.

JoElla McQueen, grew up in the Taylor Square area, the area police say they made these busts.

McQueen feels enough is enough and she is ready to see change, and hopes this program brings this change.

"Well I grew up in the neighborhood, and it was very important to have that kind of, caring. In terms of helping those who are not able to help themselves," McQueen said.

"Looking at how lives were taken, and how things were disruptive in the community and how the families had to grieve over their loved ones," McQueen added.

In addition to the federal and state arrests effected Thursday, several letters, in lieu of arrest warrants, were delivered today by law enforcement to lower level targets notifying them of a “call-in meeting” to be held next Wednesday, April 15, at the Conway Recreation Center located at 1515 Mill Pond Road in Conway.

The meeting is open to the public.

Conway Police Chief, Reggie Gosnell explained how some reacted to the letters.

"We saw the denial that it absolutely was not them, but when we told them we had the undercover officers that were involved and we had video that we had video that would be displayed to them on Wednesday, it kind of got their attention then," Chief Gosnell said.

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