St. James High School student is a stand out on the field and in the class

St. James High School student is a stand out on the field and in the class

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – Fifteen-year-old Jordan White proudly points out the Lady Sharks Golf Lower State Championship picture that's displayed on the Hall of Fame wall at St. James high School. And she should, her time on the varsity golf team is just one of many accomplishments. She's also on the Varsity Soccer team and the Junior Varsity Basketball team, and she's only a freshman.

"Playing three sports kind of sounds overwhelming, but I couldn't imagine my life not playing three sports, and being in each season, I know my team pushes me to be the best and do my best even as freshman," she said.

For White, doing her best also means straight A's in the classroom. AP Human Geography is her favorite, and when she finishes the class, she'll be eligible for college credit. Jordan is third in the freshman class with a 3.98 GPA, but says she's fighting to be number one.

"Being valedictorian would be not only an amazing thing to have on my resume but it would just be gratifying to be that top person in your class to know that out of 400 kids, you worked the hardest and maintained that spot. So my competitiveness from sports comes out in academics as well," she said.

This past fall, Jordan was the youngest student asked to represent the school at the State Leadership Sportsmanship Council in Columbia and she says she owes that and all her accomplishments to her supporters.

"All of my friends, my family and my parents, I'm just really blessed to have a support team, including my teachers," she said.

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