Musical group at Coastal Carolina University hopes to convey peaceful message

Musical group at Coastal Carolina University hopes to convey peaceful message

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Coastal Carolina University's Percussion Ensemble is preparing for the first "Hands Up" performance in the state. The show is in response to the violence and rioting out of Ferguson, Missouri.

Those behind the performance learned of another life taken at the hands of a police officer, and this time, they feel it hit very close to home.

"It just happened again, so it just makes everything even more powerful," Jacob Arbanell said.

Director of CCU's Percussion Ensemble, Jesse Willis, feels in a way, the performance is coming at a very crucial time.

"With the tragic and untimely death of Walter Scott, it brings it much closer to home and makes it feel more real," Willis said.

"This is something that happens over and over again, so hopefully the audience will leave with the sense of this is real, this is something that's actually happening today in society," Tyrice Murray said.

During the performance, the vocalists will be saying the hashtags and phrases connected with the Ferguson riot, and plan to incorporate the deaths of Walter Scott, and the New York police officers.

The CCU Percussion ensemble will be the first in the state to perform Ivan Trevino's "Hands Up" performance.

"It's really difficult to portray something so heavy," Arbanell said.

"We want people to leave here, and think about it, wake up tomorrow, and still be thinking about it - want to make a difference in society. I want people to reflect on their own personal beliefs and morals," Willis added.

Performers believe the diversity of the actual percussion ensemble will enforce the message.

"We come from different walks of life and different backgrounds, so, when they see we are all trying to convey one point, I think it's going to hit very hard with them," Murray said.

The percussion ensemble hopes the performance will spark conversation in our society, and help bring an end to the violence. The show starts Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Wheelwright Auditorium.

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