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Witness speaks out after capturing cell phone video of N. Charleston officer-involved shooting

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (NBC) - In an exclusive interview, the man who shot the cell phone video of a police officer apparently shooting a fleeing suspects several times in the back spoke with NBC's Lester Holt on Wednesday afternoon.

Feidin Santana said he was making a call when he heard the sound of a taser being used. He said he turned on the camera and walking over saw that the suspect, Walter Scott, was struggling with the officer. He said Scott had been struck with a stun gun and was trying to get away.

Santana said he never saw Scott holding the Taser and the officer had control of Scott the entire time.

"When I got to the scene I saw them on the floor already. Like I say, on the floor. He was maybe two seconds, I don't know if he felt the police tackle him and take him down. Like I say, I didn't witness that. But the officer was on top of Mr. Scott. And like I say, he can control of the situation," said Santana.

The witness said that after he recorded the suspect being shot in the back, he realized he was holding something big in his hands.

Santana said he decided to turn over the video to Scott's family.

"I thought about his position, their situation. If I would have a family member and that would happen I would like to know the truth about all this. And that was the reason I returned the information, the video, to them," he said.He also said he felt afraid when he realized the police saw him standing nearby recording video with his phone.

"After Mr. Scott went to the ground I approached to what happened, to the victim. And the police saw me over there. Then the backup came and they really knew that I was here."

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