Florence County builds new fire station

Florence County builds new fire station

CARTERSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - Property owners in Florence County are headed towards better fire protection and possibly paying lower insurance rates.

Florence County is building a new fire station along Highway 76, just outside of Timmonsville.

"These people in this area were outside of our five mile radius...This will bring them into that and will reduce their ISO ratings," said Earl Copeland, treasurer of the Sardis-Timmonsville Fire Department.

County leaders said after the new $450,000 station goes in, the people living in the Cartersville area will be paying less for fire insurance on their property.

"We are on the very end of the county that's why we are just outside of that five mile radius, and this will close that loop. That's what we have been working to do," Copeland said.

The department just got a new fire tanker that has only been in service for three months. The tanker and the new station is being funded by the second capital sales project.

"We had equipment but nothing ever designated for this area before," said Copeland.

Cartersville is a rural area. During fires, crews have to bring thousands of gallons of water to the scene because there are no fire hydrants.

"That pump can do 1,500 gallons per minute. That's brand new and that engine is the first one out to leave for the station," said Copeland.

Officials said the new station and that new pumper tanker are now helping to improve fire protection, and move the county toward more economic development.

Florence County Councilman Kirby Mitchell said, "Anytime you get water and safety projects like this, water and fire and stuff they tend to come to these areas."

The new station is expected to be up and running within the next six months.

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