City tears down abandoned oceanfront motel

City tears down abandoned oceanfront motel

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Businesses all around the block say the Majestic Shores Oceanfront Inn sat empty for years. When it was still open, it attracted trouble and criminal behavior. When it closed it attracted bugs and the homeless. Now that it's being taken away piece by piece, they say it only helps business.

"If you have bad neighbors, it's not good for business," said Shawn Wertz, Owner of the Vancouver Motel.

But the City of Myrtle Beach intervened. It said the owner either had to get the vacant hotel back into compliance and ready to reopen, or demolish it. Finally, the owner stepped up and demo is well underway.

That particular block of Ocean Boulevard, between 16th and 17th Avenues South, isn't a stranger to crumbling oceanfront problem properties. The two lots on one side of Majestic Shores- formerly the Golden Sands and Holiday South- have already been demolished because they fell into ruin. All that's left are the street signs.

So now a huge chunk of oceanfront property sits vacant. Wertz's hotel sits right beside the empty lots. "They were talking about putting in a nice restaurant… a beach bar, thought that would have been kind of a neat thing to put in there."

But now those two are up for sale. The city is working very hard to get properties that have fallen into disrepair either back into city compliance, or torn down.

They affect everyone that surrounds them.

"When they were even open for business, it attracted a bad crowd," Wertz recalled. Police was always there on a regular basis. They were so close to us, everything kind of flowed over and affected us."

As for what may move in to this lot or the ones beside it, the city says there are no plans for anything yet. Businesses say they would like to see an attraction or a restaurant go in, something other than a resort or high-rise.

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