Woman accused of stealing from child's grave

Woman accused of stealing from child's grave

GALIVANTS FERRY, SC (WMBF) - Behind the Galivants Ferry Baptist Church, among all the decorations, lies the grave of Kyliee Parker. The one-year-old died late last year after accidentally getting hit by a truck.

Now, her family frequents her resting place, adding new tokens of remembrance.

"We don't have a lot of money, we make our stuff handmade," said Kyliee's father Charles Parker.

That is until recently. Weeks ago, the Parkers noticed things had gone missing from Kyliee's grave, so they looked through pictures from a nearby camera.

"She took this wind chime off, then stood here with the wind chimes in her hand," said Parker as he demonstrated what he saw in the photos.

The Parkers say they found dozens of photos of a woman taking items from their daughter's grave.

"It really devastated us, it was just like having to relive the whole accident over again," he said.

The family reached out to Horry County Police, who posted one of the photos on Facebook. Quickly, people identified the woman pictured and shared similar stories.

Julieene Collins says items from her father's grave have wound up in the woman's possession as well.

"We'll never get to hug them again, we'll never get to tell them how we love them, or spend a vacation with them," said Collins. "The stuff we put on here is not worth a lot, but it's memories."

Last week, Horry County Police arrested Janet Capps for larceny and receiving stolen goods. She is now out on bond.

We stopped by Capps' home today to hear her side of the story but could not get in touch with her.

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