Tent bans pushing renters away

Tent bans pushing renters away

GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF) - When the tent ban first passed in Horry County, David Carrico wasn't too concerned about the effect it would have on the regular customers of his two rental properties in Garden City.

"Luckily, these families have continued to come because they like my place to stay at, but they are sad they can't put the tents up," Carrico said.

It's attracting new renters that has become difficult for Carrico. A family was sending in their first deposit for a two-week stay in July when they asked if tents are allowed on the beach. Carrico had to tell them no and they declined on the rental.

"This particular family told me that one of the members had a case of melanoma, so definitely had to have full shade on the beach all the time," he said.

While renters have the choice to visit where they can put up tents, rental property owners can't control the rule changes at their nearby beaches.

"I just hope that the council and the people that make these decisions realize that they need to do all they can to attract business, not dissuade people from coming to the beach," Carrico said.

However, Myrtle Beach Police Beach Patrol Sgt. Bill Muldoon said the beach really has been safer without all the tents blocking the view and path to the water.

"The tents just cluttered up the beach and made it really difficult for us to see things," Sgt. Muldoon said. "The goal was to have better visibility and just make the beach a safer place for everybody."

Horry County does allow small children's tents and approved special events tents.

Sgt. Muldoon said he hasn't had any backlash when asking people to take their tents down and he expects the same cooperation this tourist season.

Horry County's tent ban applies year-round. Myrtle Beach's tent ban will go back into effect Memorial Day and North Myrtle Beach's will start May 15.

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