Wicked Stick rezoning, MYR funding among topics to be approved by Horry County Council

Wicked Stick rezoning, MYR funding among topics to be approved by Horry County Council
MYR terminal
MYR terminal

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Major county issues are on deck for final reading at a county council meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. Issues include the rezoning and sale of Wicked Stick Golf Links, The SC Fairness and Lodging Act, millions of dollars to fund the Myrtle Beach airport and the general budget. Click here for a look at the full agenda.

Wicked Stick rezoning

The county is set to discuss and likely approve rezoning the back property lot from business to residential. The middle section is also zoned as residential. The front section is zoned for retail and shopping.

Ryan McCarty, the director of operations for Wicked Stick, says the golf course plans to stay open now through September 15. Last year, the plan was to only stay open through May. McCarty says there is potential interest in each parcel of property.

SC Fairness in Lodging Act

The SC Fairness in Lodging Act is a bill that was signed into law by our SC legislature to gives each county in the state the authority to fine property owners for failing to pay their accommodations taxes.

The bill gives the county teeth to make sure everyone is following the law and everyone is on a level playing field.

When a person rents their home out to vacationers, or when a company rents the home on its behalf, or when a company rents out its own properties… every one of the individuals and companies are required to pay A-tax to the county.

The act will allow the county to charge violators $500 each week the taxes aren't paid.

The A-taxes fund security, fire, law enforcement, water, sewer, roads and other amenities to keep the county attractive, said county leaders.

MYR funding approval

The airport is asking for the budget to be reviewed and for the county to give an additional couple million dollars in funding to help cover the costs projects.

City Spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier said funding will likely be approved since money is available in the county reserves.

If approved, new and old terminals will look the same at MYR. The old roadway will be converted into a parking lot.

The target for opening the concourse is May 2015, just in time for the busy summer season. Once complete, 13 gates will be available for use by airlines.

General Budget approval

The other issue amends the FY2015 Budget so as to add to revenue and expenditures in the General Fund.

Basically, this started as a budget amendment in the Public Safety Committee to designate a certain percentage of the hospitality tax to go specifically to Bikefest. The Public Safety Committee passed it to council with no changes. According to Bourcier, the hospitality tax came in higher this year. So with the additional funds, they plan on using $100,000 of it to offset expenses, and it will most likely go towards public safety and overtime costs.

In addition to the topics, council is scheduled to discuss many others including the first reading of a food truck ordinance.

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