CCU supporters say teal turf process is building university excitement

CCU supporters say teal turf process is building university excitement

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - The new teal turf spread out at Brooks Stadium on the campus of Coastal Carolina University is drawing attention locally and nationally.

Coastal Carolina supporters believe the new color change on the football field will draw more attention to what's going on at the university off the field.

Beth and Fred Snider visit Myrtle Beach during the winter months. The Ohio couple said they love football and have grown to enjoy watching the Chanticleers. "We like football and walking in here, {the stadium} and seeing this stadium it kinda [sic] gets you going," Beth Snider said.

"When we came down here this past year, especially with the success that the Chanticleers have had over the last couple of years it's easy to get excited," explained Fred Snider, who is a retired high school football coach.

Word about the new turf is spreading quickly. Fans say they have noticed the teal turf while driving down Highway 544 near the university. Recently, articles were posted on USA Today Sports, and Yahoo Sports about the Chanticleers football stadium makeover.

Fred Snider said it is that kind of attention he believes will attract the finest athletes and students to Coastal Carolina. "When kids are being recruited at the college level they are looking at successful programs, they are looking at facilities like weight rooms, training staff, and the facilities, and when you look at the facility, the stadium, and the field its got to be exciting for the kids," he said.

Lance Thompson said his family has adopted Coastal Carolina as their community university. He said they really support all the athletics and academics. "It's a great thing for our family to get together and do," Thompson said.

He adds that when the turf is complete it won't just be an ordinary football field. "It will lengthen the use, and multiple teams will be able to use the field throughout the year, and not have to worry about tearing up the grass surface. I think it will be more operational, and utilitarian as well."

Thompson said, "I think it's just one more thing that draws attention to us, and there's a lot going on academically, and athletically here."

It will take about five more days for all of the turf to be put down, and then the process begins on logos, and yardage numbers which should take about two to three weeks.

The first use for the turf in football will be for the team's home opener against Western Illinois on September 17th.

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