Friends of rescued sailor rejoice

Friends of rescued sailor rejoice
Bucksport Marina | Conway, SC
Bucksport Marina | Conway, SC
Derriel Morris said he was the last to talk to Jordan before the sailor went missing more than 2 months ago.
Derriel Morris said he was the last to talk to Jordan before the sailor went missing more than 2 months ago.

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – After spending weeks stranded out on the sea, the friends of a rescued sailor are rejoicing over the news of his return.

Louis Jordan lived permanently at the Bucksport Marina, according to the manager Jeff Weeks. Weeks said he stayed on a sailboat which he worked on relentlessly to refurbish.

"He was a gentle giant…someone without too many cares," Weeks said as he described Jordan.

Depending on who you ask at the marina, Jordan is known to be kind, intelligent and a hard worker. Now, he is being called a survivor.

"I was the last one to speak to him on that Friday….asked him if he needed anything at the store and he said, 'Yeah, bring me back some coffee creamer,'" shared Derriel Morris. Morris lives on his boat directly next to Jordan's slip.

He recalled being the last person to speak to Jordan before he went missing back in January.

"When I got back, he was gone," Morris said. He added that he told Weeks, since it seemed odd that he would leave for more than a few hours.

The next day, Weeks didn't see Jordan's boat back at the marina. That is when he called Jordan's father.

"After about four weeks…we pretty much gave up hope," said Morris.

Weeks said every morning he would check the dock to see if Jordan had returned. Now, there is a yellow ribbon tied to the sling to welcome the rescued sailor home.

"It was trying to try to figure out what could be the final outcome," said Weeks.

He got that answer yesterday afternoon. Crews spotted Jordan and the Coast Guard made a rescue. Today, Louis Jordan is sharing his story.

"I didn't go out there looking for hazardous conditions. When I went out there, it was calm. It didn't happen overnight," said Louis Jordan.

He is reunited with his family.

"Most valuable things we have in life are our relationships and those we love and how we treat other people," said Jordan.

The Coast Guard reports Louis Jordan survived on the sea by eating raw fish and drinking rain water. Those are skills boaters living nearby said they've witnessed firsthand from Jordan.

The manager of the Marina said he expects Jordan to visit sometime next week and that aside from a shoulder injury, he seems to be doing just fine. Weeks spoke to Jordan's dad and was told his son is recovering at a relative's home in North Carolina.

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