Controversial party video group returning to CCU

Controversial party video group returning to CCU

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - It may start off with a picturesque tour of the campus, but I'm Shmacked's fall video from Coastal Carolina gives a different look at the CCU experience.

"This is not on campus, not anything that we're supportive of, but it does affect us," said Vice President Debbie Conner.

Conner says that different look at the CCU experience isn't the right one.

The school can't necessarily stop the videos, but it can try to stop how the videos incorporate the school. I'm Shmacked's video includes logos and school colors.

"They didn't ask for permission, they didn't ask for the use of our logo in their video," said Bill Plate, Vice President of Communication.

Plate works with licensing and trademark issues and says the university has sent three cease and desist letters to the company. The letters say using school logos or colors could confuse people into thinking the school endorses the video.

Plate says the school has to take action like this all the time.

"It's just like any major corporation or institution, we need to protect the brand, we need to protect the image of the university," said Plate.

So with the crew expected to come back to town in two weeks, CCU is ready. I'm Shmacked can no longer sell CCU merchandise and doesn't have permission to be on campus.

Now, leaders within the school are making sure people know the majority of students and staff aren't okay with it.

I'm Shmacked is set to host a concert type event at House of Blues in two weeks, much like it did last time when 35 students were arrested.

CCU says it has worked with law enforcement and will approach that night about the same.

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