Smartphones easing older generations away from flip phones

Smartphones easing older generations away from flip phones

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Flip phone use is quickly becoming the way of the past. Whether you're team Apple or Android, way more Americans have smartphones now than just a few years ago.

Research shows we're becoming more and more dependent on our connected devices for almost everything we do. How many times a day do you pull your phone out to Google, Facebook, look up news stories or text? For many of us it would be impossible to count, it's like second nature.

The Pew Research Center says more people are relying entirely on their phone for Internet connection.

Within just the last 4 years, the center days the percentage of Americans with smartphones went from 30 percent to 65 percent.

Verizon Wireless associates speak to the trend, saying it turns out the smartphones are phasing into older generations. "The grandparents see they're the experts being their grandkids because their grandkids have been using the technology for so long, so they want to keep up with the grandkids," says Doug Hyman, a district manager for the carrier. "So a lot of times for them to get in touch with their grandkids so that they can FaceTime them, or so that they can Facebook them."

Verizon also did research to look at 2015 numbers. It showed 85 percent of Americans rely on their smartphone or tablet as their primary camera. And 50 percent will never buy a folding map again- choosing instead to rely on phone maps and navigation for directions.

"Simplicity of the devices has become easier. So, where now you can do more on your smartphones, but it's not complicated to figure out how to do it because the applications are very simple and easy to use."

Verizon finds many people no longer use an encyclopedia, dictionary, or even text books for school work. Phones can do it all.

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