Myrtle Beach to stop funding Whispering Pines golf course in April

Myrtle Beach to stop funding Whispering Pines golf course in April

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - For about half a year, the new management at Whispering Pines and the City of Myrtle Beach have both chipped in to help cover the cost of wages for city workers at the course. At the end of this month that changes, and now, city staff confirm some of those city workers are not staying.

The end of April marks six months since Atlantic Golf Management started running Whispering Pines. It also marks the last time the city will throw any more money to the course, at least under the current deal the city made with new management last year.

Since about Halloween, a handful of city workers already employed and working at the course have kept the same jobs and the city helped fund their paychecks. That stops later this month.

At that point, new management will be responsible for covering the workforce, which is now short a few city employees.

Assistant City Manager Ron Andrews said one city worker left the course for another job in the city while a few others went off on their own to find other opportunities. He also said at least one plans to stay on and will become a private employee.

This shift in the workforce is just the next step in the long-term plan to revive the course, one that's been bleeding money in recent years.

However, there are signs the charge to revamp the course is already heading in the right direction.

"It's amazing the changes we've seen the grass is so much greener so the superintendent is doing an outstanding job," said golfer Suzanne Moro.

The agreement between Atlantic Golf Management and the city runs for about another four and a half years. At that point the city can either keep this new management under a new deal or go in another direction.

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