Few patients, $10M loss lends to uncertain future for Marlboro Park Hospital

Few patients, $10M loss lends to uncertain future for Marlboro Park Hospital

BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - Money troubles are behind some major shifts happening at a local hospital, and the future of a Marlboro County facility is uncertain.

"It could be detrimental to the community," Glenn Dougherty, owner of Med Care Pharmacy said.

Dougherty has been running the drugstore for more than 11 years.

His business sits just feet from Marlboro Park Hospital which helps keep his doors open.

Every day patients stop inside or roll through the drive-thru to pick up medications.

"It's been very good so far. We have Walgreens and Walmart out the front door here; we have to compete with but, as an independent we have done very well at this location," Dougherty said.

But Dougherty said severe consequences could soon hit this area –as the future of Marlboro Park Hospital is now up in the air.

The parent Company of the Marlboro Park Hospital and the Chesterfield General Hospital announced that as of this coming May it will no longer operate the two facilities.

The company said the healthcare facilities just aren't generating enough revenue to keep them open.

Tuesday, McLeod Regional said it signed a letter of intent to operate the Chesterfield facility, but as for Marlboro Park –studies will have to be conducted to see what services can be offered.

The uncertainty is causing more uncertainty for Dougherty's businesses.


"Physicians leaving as some have contracts with the hospital they're contracts may require them to move to new locations or contracts could be canceled so they'd move to new communities," Dougherty said.

McLeod said within the next 30 days, it plans to meet with staff from both locations to inform them of possible changes, and where those staff members fit within the takeover.

Dougherty said he's encouraging the people of Marlboro County to come out and be proactive in supporting the hospital because the next hospital for the people around here in is 20 to 45 minutes away.

"People need to support their hospital…because they won't realize how important it is until it's gone or what it means to the development of the community as well. In addition to them personally, if they really need a hospital in an acute situation," Dougherty said.

According to the company, a $10 million dollars was loss happened in 2014. An average of only 14 patients a day stayed in the hospital last year.

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