Google Maps turns your neighborhood into game of Pac-Man

Google Maps turns your neighborhood into game of Pac-Man

(WMBF) – If you've ever wanted to play a game of Pac-Man in the streets of your neighborhood, now is your chance: just boot up Google Maps!

The search giant added a new feature to their popular Google Maps service – a button that turns the map you're viewing into a playable Pac-Man maze, complete with ghosts, dots, and cherries.

To get started, simply head to: from your desktop computer, and click the Pac-Man button on the lower-left of the screen, next to the Earth view option.

Not every neighborhood is suitable for "Pac-Manization," and if there aren't enough roads in the area for Pac-Man to get around, Google will let you know.

The Pac-Man anywhere feature appears only to work on desktop computers, but those using the Google Maps app on a mobile device can find Pac-Man mazes at many famous locations across the globe. Google even includes some cryptic hints on where to find the arcade game icon.

This isn't the first time Google has had some fun with Maps – last year, they partnered with Lego to let anyone build a virtual brick creation anywhere in the world.

Google is also known for rolling out some interesting and amusing features around April Fools' Day, such as last year's Google Maps Pokemon Challenge, or Google Apps for Business Dogs.

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