Survey finds CCU students feel safe, accepted on campus

Survey finds CCU students feel safe, accepted on campus

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Preliminary results are in from the survey Coastal Carolina University asked students to complete. The survey focused around questions like how safe and accepted they feel on campus. Even administrators at CCU say they weren't anticipating the overwhelmingly positive numbers the preliminary results show.

Close to 14 percent of the student body took the survey, called #TealGetsReal. It looked at things like whether students feel discriminated against, whether CCU is diverse, if students feel safe at night, and about challenges they face.

The answers were based on a seven-point scale- 7 being very good, and 1 being very bad.

Students apparently are so satisfied with Coastal that only one question scored below a 5 - still a good score - a question of how they feel about lighting on campus at night. Debbie Conner, VP of Student Affairs, says within just the last few months, she, CCU's president and a number of other administrators actually took a night-time tour of campus because students shared that concern, before the survey even started.

As a result, more lights have been put in around dark areas on campus. It's those kinds of changes this survey will help the university make, for the safety and peace-of-mind of students.

The findings outline student comfort level, how they are treated by staff and their peers.

For students like Teague Bush, knowing the university cares about their opinion and safety, goes a long way, "especially if students know their opinion counts, they're going to feel safer that administration will actually take part in fixing stuff for us."

The official results of the survey will be released at the end of April.

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