Robbie Hudgins' sister remembers her brother, searches for closure

Robbie Hudgins' sister remembers her brother, searches for closure
Hudgins' body was found in a ditch in Conway on Thursday.
Hudgins' body was found in a ditch in Conway on Thursday.

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The family of Robbie Hudgins struggles to find closure with autopsy results.

Hudgins' family said it is thankful for everyone who helped search for Robbie, and as they start to make his funeral arrangements, they can't help but think what could have gone differently.

At this time, the family said it can't help but find themselves reviewing the last five days over and over again in their minds in hopes this tragedy will start to make sense to them.

"I told myself, we needed to look closer to home, I just wish I would have, because then, I feel like we would have found him a lot sooner," said Robbie's sister, Ariel Sissell.

She is four years younger than Robbie and wanted to see the ditch for herself, but said she still can't believe he drowned there. Sissell said Robbie was a good swimmer and the two grew up with a pool.

"[The ditch] was not deep...I could jump in [the ditch] and I feel like, even with [the ditch] being full I could have...he could have gotten out of [the ditch]. Maybe he wasn't in the right state of mind...I don't know, I question it all the time, but I guess that's all I can do now," said Sissell.

One thing Sissell said she sees clearly now is how great Robbie was as a brother and person.

"He always was a daredevil, he loved to do fun things, just get out there and be himself," she said. "He was a wonderful brother all around, I could go on for hours about how great he was," Sissell said with a smile.

Ariel says Robbie liked to go on walks, and she understood why.

She explained sometimes it's good to just take a walk and get your mind off of things.

"Sometimes he would even ask me to walk around the neighborhood and I would love to do that, I'd love to have that chance to do it with him again. It's sad to know I'll never be able to do that again," Sissell said.

Sissell does not find closure in Robbie's cause of death being a drowning. She said she wants to know how her brother got in the ditch and now she will have to wait weeks, hoping the toxicology reports bring back new information.

" find out if he might have taken something, we don't know, we're just kind of waiting and just hoping that we get some closure, but if not, then I just have to ... guess, wonder the rest of my life," Sissell said.

The funeral for Robbie Hudgins will be held on Sunday, March 29 at 3 p.m. at Pleasant Baptist Church located on Highway 905. Hudgins' family created a GoFundMe account to raise money for funeral expenses. Click here to donate.

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