Florence County School District 2 Board announces vote results

Florence County School District 2 Board announces vote results

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (News Release) - The Florence County School District Two Board elections were held for two seats on March 26, from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. at the Hannah-Pamplico High School Gym.

The unofficial results in the race are as follows: Incumbent Johnny Ray Jenkins and Candidate Robert Brad Singletary ran for Seat No. 6 and Incumbent Elleveen Turner Poston and Candidate Elizabeth Burns Boyle ran for Seat No 7.

The results were: Johnny Ray Jenkins with 371 votes for Seat No. 6. and challenger Robert Brad Singletary with 294 votes.

Challenger Mrs. Elizabeth Burns Boyle received 320 votes and Mrs. Elleveen Turner Poston received 343 votes for Seat No. 7. The district was informed verbally after the votes were announced that a protest was forthcoming. The appeal of the election results will be held upon receipt of the formal protest.

A separate Budget Citizens' Meeting will be held on June 11, 2015. This meeting must be held prior to June 30th this year based on the new local legislation passed by the General Assembly and signed by the Governor on February 2, 2011. The meeting will be posted in a local newspaper ten days prior to the date.

If you would like further information concerning Florence County School District No. Two's Board of Trustee Election or the upcoming Budget Citizens' Meeting, please contact: Mr. Robert E. Sullivan, Jr., Superintendent at (843) 493-2502.