Consider This: Local litter bugs should be ashamed

Consider This: Local litter bugs should be ashamed

The litter problem in Horry County has gotten worse…and what's even more terrible than that…it's locals who are the issue.

The Keep Horry County Beautiful Committee completes a litter index every year. This year it tried something new by surveying the county in March instead of in June when tourists are here. And the litter issue is worse than last year. That's embarrassing.

Consider This: It's already a challenge to make a good impression on tourists as they drive into the Grand Strand. 501 is not an appealing entrance.

And if our residents are littering and illegally dumping trash, how can we expect any improvement?

Now the county is considering getting tougher on people caught littering. That's great, but a fine shouldn't be the factor that makes you take pride in your property and our community.

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