Medical tech company moving in near Myrtle Beach Airport

Medical tech company moving in near Myrtle Beach Airport

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A technology-based healthcare products company based in Queens, New York, will be moving its headquarters to Myrtle Beach, bringing an expected 36 jobs.

Star Life Safety, currently operating as Star Fire Protection, purchased a 7,600-square-foot building on Dividend Loop, and is contracted to hire 36 employees over a 5-year period, according to Morgan Dendy, a spokesperson with the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation. The average wage of these positions is around $20 per hour.

The company will sell, engineer and install integrated systems for healthcare, such as healthcare monitoring communication systems, global positioning sensors, and temperature sensors, Dendy said.

The company will be required to invest $470,000 as a capital investment, which includes renovating a 7,600 square-foot building near the Myrtle Beach International Airport, as well as upgrades and equipment. As an incentive, they will receive $50,000, which was approved by the Horry County Council in March during a budget retreat, Dendy said.

"The city of Myrtle Beach is pleased to have been chosen to be the new location for Star Life Safety. High tech corporate citizens, such as Star Life Safety will help diversify our local economy, while providing new career opportunities for our well trained workforce, thereby encouraging our best and brightest to stay in our area," said Myrtle Beach Councilman Phil Render, a former member of the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Corporation, and Dean of Business and Advanced Industrial Technologies at Horry Georgetown Technical College.

Once the company has made the capital investment, they will receive the first $15,000 installment. Once they hire 26 employees and have them in place for 12 months, they will get another $15,000 installment. The last $20,000 comes after they've had the 26 employees in place for 24 months, hired the last 10 employees, and had them in place for 12 months.

With the area's growing healthcare industry, they saw the move as an opportunity for growth for the company.

Jon Cook partnered with the owner of the original business, Star Fire Protection about 5 years ago. In addition to growing the company, Cook said he looks forward to moving to the Carolinas, where he has family. He said he wants to get away from the busy congestion of NYC and will be transitioning back and forth for a while.

"While visiting family and traveling back and forth from New York to South Carolina, I envisioned coming back home to my family and giving my children a better way of life, by relocating to the south," said Cook, one of the company's two principle partners. "I always believed that there is opportunity here based upon the economic growth of the area, to implement the latest technology which would in turn save money within facilities as well as protect people's lives."

Cook said Star Life Safety will be a separate business from what is in New York. He said the company will spend much more than $470,000, as previously mentioned, just in startup costs.

An entire new field of employees will be hired for this Myrtle Beach company, said Cook, while the owner of Star Fire Protection will remain in Queens, NY with that company. The other owner is helping with some of the startup capital for the Myrtle Beach location.

“We are very proud to welcome Star Life Safety to Horry County. This company is great addition to the community and the industry mix here. They specialize in medical-technology products and services, which will create high-skilled, well-paying job opportunities for local residents. Due to the rapid growth of the healthcare industry here, they will have a lot of potential to grow,” said Jim Moore, MBREDC President & CEO.

The majority of their product is automated and wireless life safety systems.

According to Dendy, MBREDC will formally announce the move when the contracts have been signed.

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