Fireworks to fly over the inlet, July 4th

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) - Sparks are flying once again in Murrells Inlet for the Fourth of July. The decision was announced by the Murrells Inlet MarshWalk Restaurants in a press release this week.

The Marshwalk Restaurants plan to sponsor what they call the biggest, longest and most spectacular show on the Grand Strand. The fireworks will last for more than 20 minutes. It will close out the day of events, which includes the inlet boat parade.

Prior to this announcement, the decision to continue the Fourth of July firework show remained up in the air. In February, the Marshwalk Restaurants decided to halt the Monday night firework show, this summer. This comes after the fireworks sparked some controversy for the community. A concern from some was the noise, and debris ending up in the inlet.

Even though this decision was made, the Fourth of July show was still on the table. The marshwalk group decided the 30 year tradition will live on. This will assure both locals and visitors have a reason to come out to the marshwalk on the major holiday and keep business booming, especially because, if not, people could bring their business elsewhere.

"It's still the Fourth of July weekend, we'll still have a ton of visitors down this way but I think they'll be disappointed that we don't have them," said Mike Campbell of Dead Dog Saloon. "There'll be plenty of fireworks displays for folks to go to that night and maybe they will head for those areas rather than come here, yes there could be an impact."

MarshWalk restaurant owners plan to sponsor the event, but they're still reaching out for monetary help and more businesses to kick in. They're also looking for your help. Since fireworks and the boat parade are the same day, any litter in the inlet will need to be picked up. The restaurants and Murrells Inlet 2020 will call on volunteers to help out the next day. It's all part of the Inlet Friendly Initiative, to keep the marshwalk area alive as long as possible.

"We did meet with the fireworks company and they're gonna be using mostly the biodegradable cannons and things like that," Campbell said. "There's gonna be debris cleaned up the night of the event by the fireworks company. Whatever's left in the water, we're gonna try to get that scooped up, right away, first thing in the morning."

The firework show will shoot off at 10 p.m., the night of July Fourth, which falls on a Saturday.

Restaurant owners said, although the weekly fireworks shows are at a halt this summer, it doesn't mean they won't return for future summers. Campbell said this is a topic to be revisited in the future.

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