Myrtle Beach ambassadors meet to discuss roles, responsibilities

Myrtle Beach ambassadors meet to discuss roles, responsibilities

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - More than 30 residents volunteered time to a community Ambassador's Meeting in Myrtle Beach on Wednesday. The Myrtle Beach Police Department held the meeting at the convention center.

Volunteers learned they will be the ambassadors who will bridge the information gap between residents and out-of-town guests foster a sense of community among those who love the area.

Ambassadors will be responsible to:

Develop an ongoing program that can assist with year round events

Provide a visible presence that can disseminate information to the general public

Educate and inform residents of safe practices, city resources and community programs

Promote collaboration in the community and civic participation amongst all residents regardless of race or ethnicity

Recruit other community ambassadors

Police reminded volunteers they will in no way be asked to intervene in criminal activity or take the role of law enforcement.

Ambassadors are merely asked to be "good witnesses in their community," said the department.

More training will take place next month.

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