Consider This: Make safety on the roads a priority

The roads have been incredibly dangerous lately. From I-95 to the 17 bypass in Myrtle Beach. We have had a lot of lives lost. And while we don't know what caused all of those deadly accidents yet, we do know that road construction projects are picking up, and so is traffic as golfers and tourists start coming back.

Study after study shows how much people are addicted to their cell phones. All you have to do is look at people everywhere to see that it's true. Restaurants, standing in line at the grocery store and worst of all drivers on the road….everyone is playing with their phones.

It's illegal to text and drive in South Carolina. But that shouldn't be what convinces you to put down your phone while you are behind the wheel. Use common sense, pay attention…and try to make the roads as safe as possible for all of us who live here and for all of the visitors who choose to spend their vacation and money in our community.

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