Dance studio brings popular 'pole fitness' classes to the Grand Strand

Dance studio brings popular 'pole fitness' classes to the Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Traditionally, pole dancing is thought of negatively as a subculture of sorts, most commonly in association with adult entertainment clubs. Not until recently had the popularized style of fitness hit our area.

Tor'keese Moss, 25, has owned Teazers for two years now, and makes it her goal to help people of all shapes and sizes "lose weight and gain confidence."

Spring is here and summer is around the corner, so people are hitting the gym once again trying to tone up for beach season. The owner of Teazers Pole Fitness and Dance Studio has found a fun way to bring fitness to the Grand Strand.

Pole fitness is a form of exercise that incorporates gymnastics and acrobatic moves with a focus on performing on a steel pole. It is a bona fide full-contact sport, which requires precision, patience, and some serious strength. Instructor Valerie Reyes makes it her goal each class to keep participants learning, open-minded, and confident in their own abilities.

Moss, a Mortuary College graduate, said after acquiring her degree, she found that her life was missing something. She was living in Fort Lauderdale by herself, and was trying to recover emotionally and physically after the loss of an uncle. She decided after going from 152 pounds to 174 pounds that she wanted to make a change. On a whim, she came down to Myrtle Beach to visit family, and while in town she looked into some fitness options. She called the only studio in the area at the time, which was is in Pawley's Island, and received no answer, and no reply. Many of her students shared the same experience. So the idea occurred to her: pole fitness. She made the point, "If the women in Myrtle Beach didn't do anything else they did work out."

Since signing her lease on December 31, 2012, she has transformed a wood room with a concrete slab floor into a pink palace with mirrors lining the walls, and poles shooting from the floor. Moss has reached a wide range of women ranging from 21 to 51. Pole fitness, she says, "is truly for everyone." It is "Fun Fitness."

Though pole fitness may be strenuous on the body at first, the students at Teazers studio had nothing but positive experiences. Teazers is a studio built on empowering everyone who walks through the doors in to the "pink palace." Instructors encourage each and every person to push themselves to being the best they can.

Although the obvious result of pole fitness is tightening and toning, when someone climbs the pole for the first time, inverts, or tries something they may have doubted they were capable of, each milestone breaks a barrier of self-doubt. Though at one time, pole fitness may have seemed something to look down your nose at, Moss says her average student is in her 30s. Teazers continues to work towards helping people "lose weight and gain confidence," one pole trick at a time.

Teazers Pole Fitness and Dance Studio won the Best of the Grand Strand 2014 award for Best Dance Studio.

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