Family continues search for missing Conway man

Family continues search for missing Conway man

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – For more than 40 hours, the family of Robert Hudgins searched for the missing 27-year-old, worried that with his learning disabilities he had wandered far from home.

The family moved to the Conway area just a year ago, according to Robbie's sister Ariel Sissell. She hit the streets with a family friend on Monday to hand out missing posters to every home and business in the surrounding area of a Wendy's restaurant in Aynor -- miles from her family's home.

Sissell explained a tip came in from employees that Robbie Hudgins had walked into the Wendy's off Highway 501 around 7:30 at night on Sunday -- nearly 24 hours since his family had seen him last.

"I don't know how he made it to Aynor, he doesn't know anyone around here," expressed Sissell as she rode from house to house to hand out flyers.

Robbie's mom, Tracy Peele, explained she last saw her son on Saturday night when he went for a walk.

"He would often walk around the block at night, but never where he didn't come back and that bothers me," said Peele.

She is separated from Robbie's father, an officer with the Horry County Police Department. He was out with detectives searching for his son on Monday.

At one point, the officers thought they had a lead.

"The police officer found the print on the side of the road going to a home and back out to the road again," explained Peele.

Sissell worked to get a copy of the tread mark from Robbie's shoes, but the tip led nowhere.

The family worries about another night passing without Robbie's return home.

"I know he's hungry and tired and probably soaking wet because it rained so hard last night," worried Peele.

Sissell explained her brother was battling with depression.

"He's been depressed, he doesn't have friends, doesn't have a job," said Sissell.

The family said he is intellectually challenged. Sissell added, "he has the mentality of a 12-year-old. He can't read or write, but I would hope he would know to ask someone for help."

So far, tips have lead the family to Wendy's and to other roads in Aynor. If you see Robbie Hudgins, the family asks that you immediately call police and try to talk to him to check on his well-being. ?

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