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Woman speaks out after awakening to find intruder in bedroom

Fredrick Nathaniel Guy | Myrtle Beach Police Department Fredrick Nathaniel Guy | Myrtle Beach Police Department

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A 21-year-old man was arrested after a victim awoke to find him inside her bedroom, according to a police report.

Fredrick Nathaniel Guy was charged with burglary, according to the Myrtle Beach Police Department. Friday, a municipal judge denied bond for Guy at a hearing, according to the Myrtle Beach clerk of court.

The incident happened around six on Thursday morning. That is when Jillian Finnell heard a noise in the backyard of her home. When she looked out her window, she didn't see anything.

Now, she believes the man was already in her home at that time.

A few moments after hearing the noise, Finnell laid back down into bed.

“For whatever reason, I opened my eyes and there was a person there,” recalled Finnell. She thought at first that she was seeing things, but it wasn't a trick of the light.

She said she stayed still and quiet as she watched the man rummage through her dresser, taking her purse with him.

She immediately woke her boyfriend and grabbed her phone to call 911.

“I ran into the closest, shut the door, crouched on the ground and said ‘there is someone in my house. You need to get someone here right now,'” said Finnell.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Wayne Evans, said he ran after the man,

“I grabbed my gun, cocked it. My first inclination was to make sure he wasn't in the house,” said Evans.

They believe the man had been inside their home for quite some time, sneaking through the living room and garage before making his way into their bedroom.

“You don't know what to do. You feel violated. There's a stranger over you in bed where you're supposed to feel safe,” shared Evans.

It was Finnell's description that led police to a suspect. Police caught Frederick Nathaniel Guy just down the road moments later. The couple believes he is connected to a string of break-ins throughout their community

The couple said it was remarkable how quickly officers with the Myrtle Beach Police Department got on scene. They said the detectives were incredibly helpful and efficient.

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