CCU basketball player relies on tie for luck

CCU basketball player relies on tie for luck

OMAHA, NE (WMBF) - Many Coastal Carolina fans have been posting encouraging sentiments and wishing the team good luck against Wisconsin on social media.

To be successful in athletic competition, requires patience, dedication and a little bit of luck.

When the playing field is even, a surprising number of athletes will turn to rituals and superstitions to sway momentum in their favor, CCU forward Badou Diagne has chosen fashion.

Diagne is not what you would call a superstitious person, but sometimes, the sense of control in the unpredictability of sports will make even the most-level headed individual think twice.

When you're the team's second-tallest player on a guard-heavy team, yet you have the best 3-point shooting percentage, that would raise a few eyebrows.

In a game against Radford, Coastal Carolina sports information director Cody Bays wore a teal bowtie.

After the game, Diagne reflected on his perfect four-for-four 3-point performance and noticed Bays' fashion choice, coming to the conclusion that the tie aided his play.

"It worked the last two games. After the game, I was like, 'You got to wear the bowtie tomorrow,' and he did. I was shooting really well, so you know it's been a good luck to me so far," Diane admitted.

In the two games Diagne referred to, he only missed two shots from three-point land and had 30 points total.

Diagne has also said that he will ask Bays to wear the tie for tomorrow's big matchup against Wisconsin.

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