Town looking to add new security cameras at parking lot near beach

Town looking to add new security cameras at parking lot near beach

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC (WMBF) – There is a push to add more surveillance cameras to one town that does not really see crime that often.  Pawleys Island may move forward and install new cameras at the parking lot and beach access on the south end of the island.

The town is looking at adding two posts on each end of the lot where eight new surveillance cameras could go. The Mayor of Pawleys Island said the push for more cameras follows a string of break-ins, not on the island, but in the surrounding area.

The town is looking to get a jump on the effort to prevent crime so beach goers would not have to worry about leaving their cars.

“It's always a risk and always something I definitely think about because a lot of times I'm in my work truck and I carry a lot of work tools,” said Dennis Councilman who visits Pawleys Island.

Adding new security cameras is not anything new for Pawleys Island.  Recently the town installed cameras at the 1st Street access point.

Before that system went up, license plate scanning cameras were put on the two causeways leading to the island and this technology has already helped police solve multiple cases.

While early opponents of the cameras claimed these changes were too much and took away their privacy, the town's mayor says some of the people who voiced their concerns have changed their minds after seeing how the cameras are being used.

As for the overall price tag on the two sets of cameras the town is looking to add, they will cost about $1,000 apiece up front then another $300 per month to manage them.

The cameras could be installed as early as Memorial Day weekend.

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