Former Uber driver speaks on recent issues

Former Uber driver speaks on recent issues

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - From highways to handcuffs, the battle between Uber drivers and the city of Myrtle Beach has had real consequences for some drivers.

At a meeting Tuesday, the city made its feelings clear.

The ride sharing app came to Myrtle Beach last summer, and since then... it's struck a nerve.

"The resistance was only from the taxi cab drivers," said one former Uber driver. "The clients love it."

That man who asked to remain anonymous says the company has what taxi cabs don't; fast service, clean cars, and a sense of security.

Taxi drivers have been the biggest opponents of Uber so far, but the city of Myrtle Beach is not far off. The city now requires Uber drivers to pay for a business license to drive people around.

The driver we spoke to hears all the complaints, but doesn't see the fuss.

"The pie is big enough for everybody to get a piece of it," He said. "Uber is not ggoing totake over the taxi margin in Myrtle Beach, that's not ggoing tohappen."

He says taxis have a lot of room to improve, but so does Uber.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation committee agrees. Tuesday, a subcommittee discussed a bill that would allow companies like Uber to operate if they follow certain requirements. They would need permits, insurance, and background checks for the drivers.

The former driver we spoke to says he supports all the potential changes and hopes the gap between Uber and taxi drivers closes soon

"The only difference between a cab driver and an Uber Driver is the business license and the medallion," said the former driver. "That the only difference."

Uber's representatives released this statement regarding the potential bill:

"This legislation as written supports innovation, choice and opportunity in South Carolina, and we applaud Senators Grooms and Bryant for their leadership. We're eager to see the bill make its way through the legislature, and look forward to continuing to provide South Carolinians with safe, reliable rides, and economic opportunities." ?