Horry County council passes 3 laws on beach tents, funding for MYR, pawn shops

Horry County council passes 3 laws on beach tents, funding for MYR, pawn shops

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County council passed three ordinances regarding beach tents, funding for car rental services at MYR and regulation of pawn shop businesses.

Beach tents

Horry County ordinance does not allow canopy-style, with four corners, tents on the beach.

However, small pop-up tents for children are allowed in unincorporated beach areas of Horry County.

Beach tents for special events, like weddings and surf competitions, are allowed, said Bob Grabowski, council member.

The ordinance states circular umbrellas are not to exceed 7 feet, 6 inches.

The ordinance is in place year-round.

Pawn businesses

Council voted to makes records from pawn businesses available electronically. The change will make records accessible for various entities and platforms.

Funding for MYR

Council members voted to provide funding for projects happening at the MYR airport.

Council approved a couple million dollars to fund car rental service center improvements.

Council member Paul Prince said he voted against the ordinance because he needed more understanding. Prince said he was sure on the exact amount council approved.

SC Fairness in Lodging Act

All members of council, except one, voted to implement the provisions of the SC Fairness in Lodging Act to create a civil penalty for failure to remit local accommodations taxes.

In other words, it gives the county the authority to charge people a one-time $500 fee for not paying their accommodations taxes on the homes rented to tenants.

Councilmember Paul Prince voted against the $500 fee, stating, "if a person owns a beach house and wants to let a neighbor stay for a week, [he or she] shouldn't be penalized.""[That person] is not in business to make a living [by renting out the house]...[Beach house owner] already has property taxes, mortgage, insurance, etc. If [he or she] wants to rent out the home to help out with the costs of living, [he or she] should be able to," he added.

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