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City council workshop to address private dredging interests in North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach, SC (News Release) - Following a vote to provide funding for a portion of the Cherry Grove Canals Dredging Project, a city council workshop was announced to address private dredging interests.

City leaders vote to pay for portion of Cherry Grove dredging project, leave residents to foot $5.5M

The following information was issued by the city of North Myrtle Beach:

The North Myrtle Beach City Council will hold a public workshop March 23, 2:00 p.m., at City Hall to discuss the pros and cons of allowing private property owners along canals located in Cherry Grove to privately contract with the City's dredge company in order to enhance access from their properties to the City's proposed 24 foot wide dredge cut as part of the proposed Cherry Grove Canals Dredging Project.

Some property owners would like to dredge their property at their own expense in order to enhance their connection with the newly dredged channel that would occur as a result of the City's proposed dredging project. The property owners would like to save money by privately contracting with the City's dredge company while it is on site, as opposed to having to hire a separate mechanical dredge company to come through after the City's dredging project has been completed. (Private property owners can dredge up to 25 cubic yards under the blanket U.S. Army Corps of Engineers "National Permit", so long as they adhere to the permit's regulations.)

Several legal and practical issues must be clarified before City Council can make a decision on the matter. The City does not want to be held liable for any potential negative impacts to private property, nor does the City want to in any way negatively impact its standing with eventual bond holders.

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