SCDMV hosts Drive Suspension Eligibility Week

SCDMV hosts Drive Suspension Eligibility Week

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles will host a Driver Suspension Eligibility Week for drivers with certain license suspensions on March 16 through March 20, 2015 at all DMV offices.

South Carolina drivers who have lost their driving privileges from suspensions may be able to reduce or clear the remaining time that's left.

According to SCDMV the program will assist the following types of suspended drivers:

• Underage drivers suspended for excessive points.

• Drivers suspended for operating an unlicensed taxi or vehicle.

• Drivers suspended for operating an uninsured vehicle that they did not own.

• Drivers suspended for operating or allowing operation of an uninsured vehicle.

• Drivers suspended for driving under suspension, excluding alcohol or drug related convictions.

In order to qualify for the program the driver must meet all the conditions of their suspension, all fees paid, and fill out Form SR-22 if required. Drivers with more than one suspension will have their time recalculated by the DMV.

"If you believe you qualify, we encourage you to start getting ready now," Executive Director Kevin Shwedo said. "Find out what you have to do and get it done. The sooner you start the process, the better your chances of meeting every requirement."

Drivers who have a clear record after the program may apply for a driver's license.

During Driver Suspension Eligibility Week, DMV offices around South Carolina may experience longer wait times due to the increased amount of customers.

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