Neighbors look back at Windsor Green fire 2 years later

Neighbors look back at Windsor Green fire 2 years later

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - Sitting in the same place she did almost two years ago, Sharon Winslow remembers the Windsor Green fire like it was yesterday.

"You could see all the smoke and you could see flames and I could see them coming this way, and it was just terrifying," said Winslow. She and her husband were inside their condo that day when someone called them and told them to look outside. What they saw wasn't pretty. "The fire was so close you could see it," She exclaimed.

Winslow's husband fought fires his whole life in upstate New York, so his instincts kicked in. He ran right out the door and did what he knew best. "He ended up getting buckets from in our place, and they bucket brigaded and they saved that whole line there," She said while pointing across the lot.

The Winslow's condo still stands as it was today but others weren't as lucky.

Jodi Aldridge had lived in her place for a mere week and a half.

"Oh my gosh," she exclaimed. "This is more devastation than I've ever seen at one time."

Aldridge lost her condo, her puppy, and her sense of safety in where she lived. "I don't think I could go back and not think about it every day," Aldridge said.

While Aldridge doesn't live in the community anymore, others say they wouldn't be anywhere else. They saw the fire, they lived it, but they won't let it change them.

"You're not gonna let it get the best of you, because then it wins, and we don't like to lose," chuckled Winslow.

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