30 dogs seized from a Conway puppy mill find their forever homes

30 dogs seized from a Conway puppy mill find their forever homes

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Thirty of the 146 dogs seized from Renee James' puppy mill have been adopted.

A handful of new dog owners were all smiles filling out their adoption papers.

"I plan to get her a bunch of clothes, a bunch of loving, and everything she needs!" Rochelle Berry exclaimed.

Berry and her husband were in line since before 5 a.m. Thursday, hoping to leave with a Poodle.

Devon Pressley, was right behind them, hoping to leave with a Dachshund.

Both got exactly what they wanted.

"It feels great, it feels wonderful. Just love. Just look at him, so sweet, so calm. Feels real good," Pressley said.

Some others had no preference. Nancy Barfield said she was just looking for a certain look. She walked back into the kennel only expecting to find a dog that needed her, as much as she needed him and she found just that.

Within minutes, she named him George.

"Oh my goodness, I am going to show him what a good life him and I can have together," Barfield said.

However, with hundreds of people lining up outside the shelter, not everyone left with the same joyful feeling.

The people who did not leave with a dog wanted to, at the very least, look at the dogs.

Something the Horry County Animal Care Center says they will be able to do, on the shelter's website and Facebook page.

"Be able to choose what we want to adopt. Pay the fee. We have our adoption paper work. Pay the fee, go ahead and spay the animal, neuter the animal, as soon as it's completed, we will come pick them up!" Linda Quinn said.

Linda Quinn was a vet tech and surgical assistant for 17 years. She said she wants more than anything to adopt one of the dogs.

"We want to get these pets into homes, we don't want them to suffer any longer. They need to be in homes, not just sitting and waiting any longer," Quinn added.

Many shared Quinn's frustration, but say it won't stop them from coming back tomorrow, the next day, or the day after that.

The HCACC says it has about 80 of the 146 dogs up for adoption following the seizure from Renee James' home last week.

The All 4 Paws Animal Rescue Group is holding onto more than 40 canines -- the puppies that were too young, and those that needed more medical attention. The group said soon those dogs will also be looking for forever homes.

The shelter says about 25 to 30 dogs will be available each day because that is as fast as they can get them in and out of surgery safely.

Shelter workers were even sending the dogs to outside vets to speed up the process.

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