GSMC expands to add Heart Center, fourth floor

GSMC expands to add Heart Center, fourth floor

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - To deal with the influx of patients at Grand Strand Medical Center, the hospital is expanding. One project includes a $15 million renovation inside the hospital's heart center.

Construction is well underway on the third floor expansion. As the work wraps up, hospital leaders are trying to take advantage of the crews and material already there and continue expanding two floors higher.

"We're seeing now that we are at capacity. We think this expansion is step one of many," says Adam Rudd, GSMC's Chief Operating Officer.

Rudd says the hospital wants to get ahead of Myrtle Beach's growing population. "I think that we're looking for the fourth floor expansion and then quickly follow it with a fifth floor expansion."

They've got the funding; each floor will be $15 million a pop, just like the new third floor. The third, though, is mainly dedicated to pediatrics- a much needed addition to a pediatrics unit that stays full. There will be 8 pediatric ICU beds and 8 regular beds. Separated on the other side of the floor will be 16 beds for adult patients.

Rudd says normally there's a lull for the hospital the during shoulder season, but they haven't experienced that this year. Getting the jump on the fourth and fifth floors now while construction crews are still there would save the hospital money and keep it on the fast track to providing your family top-notch healthcare right here. "Our goal is for nobody to have to leave Myrtle Beach for Healthcare. And we've almost closed that gap."

The only thing holding up plans is approval from the state to go forward with the expansion. The fourth and fifth floor additions, Rudd says, would be huge, "Another 50 beds," that would be dedicated to adult patients.

The pediatric floor is on pace to be completed ahead of its planned opening date of June 1.

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