County leaders say Timmonsville's Fire Department is not taking fire calls

County leaders say Timmonsville's Fire Department is not taking fire calls

TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - There are conflicting reports about whether or not a local town's fire department is answering emergency calls.

According to three different county agencies, the Timmonsville Fire Department is not taking fire calls, but according to the town's mayor, the department is operational. This all comes after the town's administrator asked the county for some help last week.

“They are having a re-organizational period that should not last for more than seven to ten days,” Florence County Administrator Rusty Smith said.

The Florence County Emergency Management Director, Florence County Administrator and the Chief of the Sardis-Timmonsville Fire Department all said it is their understanding that Timmonsville Fire Department is not answering fire calls.

Florence County emergency Director Dusty Owens said last Wednesday he was told to send all fire calls coming from the town of Timmonsville to the Sardis-Timmonsville Fire Department.

The department and the county said they're happy to answer those calls, until things are worked out within Timmonsville.

“Sardis Timmonsville has agreed to assist with protection for buildings and life in that region,” Smith said.

Timmonsville Mayor Darrick Jackson said he's not sure why fire calls are not being sent to the Timmonsville Fire Department, because the department is still operational.

“The administration has met with them. They are doing well, the problem is that they need a chief,” Mayor Jackson said. Jackson said right now, of the nine volunteer firefighters on the force, none of are certified to become chief.

The department's chief resigned a few months ago.

Mayor Jackson said the town only asked for help from the county until the town council can decide what the best course of action is for the town's fire department. That decision is expected to be made Thursday night during a council meeting.

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