Screenings to be held after TB case confirmed at Conway High

Screenings to be held after TB case confirmed at Conway High

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Students will have chance to be screened for free Friday at Conway High after a tuberculosis case was announced at Tuesday. More than 130 individuals came in close contact with the infected student, according to officials.

Conway High School is closely following the protocol assigned by DHEC and is offering both skin and blood testing to those potentially exposed.

"There are two ways to do the TB testing. The most accurate test would be a blood test, and there's also a skin test. The students that were met with yesterday, that had primary contact, received a form to complete giving permission for the test to  be conducted," explained Teal Britton, HCS spokeswoman.

Results of the blood, or TSpot, tests will be available Wednesday, Mar. 18. Skin testing results will be back on Monday,  Mar. 16.

TB is an airborne illness that is spread by bodily fluids, such as a sneeze or a cough.

According to officials, it is safe for the students to be in classes and the necessary steps are being taken to keep the illness contained.

"There's lots of investigative and preventative things -- anything from researching air ducts to tracking the interactions of students, to classrooms, to extra cleaning procedures," added Britton.

Those cleaning procedures extended beyond classrooms to buses the student was transported in.

Conway High School did send information home to parents describing the symptoms of TB along with details of how to proceed if their child tests positive. Symptoms include a bad cough that lasts up to 3 weeks or longer, pain in the chest, coughing up blood, loss of appetite and fever.

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