Former Horry County rescue dog nominated for 'Hero' award

Former Horry County rescue dog nominated for 'Hero' award
American Humane Association
American Humane Association

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A former Horry County rescue dog has been nominated as the Hero Dog in the 2015 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards.

Titus was rescued from the Horry County Animal Care Center just one day before he was to be euthanized.

Titus was sponsored by Canines for Service, an organization "dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to achieve greater independence and enhanced quality of life and to improving people's lives through the services of specially trained assistance dogs."

The sponsor writes:

Titus had been found wandering the streets and was picked up after weeks of alluding animal control.

Sad and severely underweight at just 42 pounds, the shelter was not sure of his health. Canines for Service gave him a chance in their Canines for Veterans program after a thorough health assessment and by that gave Titus a new life.

From the very beginning he was a stellar dog.

Fast learning and willing to please, Titus learned over 90 commands quickly and always does his job with a wagging tail; he is happiest when he has a job to do.

From picking up my keys that I drop often, to bracing to help me recover from a fall or get out of a chair, Titus is my constant in my daily needs.

Having only 5 percent feeling in my right hand, I drop things a lot. Titus never once shows any frustration or lack of desire to help. He is my rock. 

Besides being very photogenic and cooperative, Titus exemplifies the Hero Dog Awards in the category of service dog because he shows that a dog once thrown away, destine to die young, is possible of so much more than anyone may have imagined.

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