POTUS visits Benedict, addresses life after college

POTUS visits Benedict, addresses life after college
Mr. Obama visits Benedict college | Will Whitson
Mr. Obama visits Benedict college | Will Whitson

COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) - Friday marked a historic day for South Carolina as the President of the United States met with students at a small college to talk about what issues they are dealing with as they get ready to start their careers.

It was the first time a President has visited Benedict College. Mr. Obama came to campus to not only talk to students about what concerns they have about life after graduation but to also to listen to what those students had to say during his first trip back to South Carolina since making it to the White House.

President Obama did not spend much time on his actual speech inside a gym fully aimed at addressing young people about what role they will play in society in the years to come and how they can help the country.

The day turned into a town hall event where students could ask the President questions. One woman wanted to know what advice Mr. Obama has for young people caught in colleges like SC State where the school's future may be up in the air. The President answered by saying there is no better opportunity to do something good than now.

"You are more likely to be healthier, wealthier, less discriminated against, have more opportunity, less likely to be caught up in violence," added President Obama.

The President also addressed education in the state saying there should be a fair shot for every student in South Carolina.

"There's still schools that were built back in the 1800s that need repair that don't have decent restrooms, don't have proper books," added the President. "We've got to fight to make sure every child not just some have equal opportunity."

7th Congressional District Representative Tom Rice, a Republican, weighed in on the day's event.

"I'm happy he can focus on the needs of the state," said Rice. "We certainly have a lot of needs and certainly federal investment and infrastructure makes the state more competitive and will lead to jobs."?

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