Coastal Alliance hears options to extend life of landfill by 80 years

Coastal Alliance hears options to extend life of landfill by 80 years


If things remain as they are now, the landfill in Horry County will only be good for about another 20 years.  While two decades may seem like a long way off, it really is not a long period when you consider how much time and planning goes into finding the best option for either finding a new place to take the county's waste or to bring in new technology to keep this landfill running longer than expected.

At this week's Coastal Alliance meeting, Grand Strand leaders and the Horry County council chairman Mark Lazarus spent about an hour listening to a presentation that could go a long way in helping solve a problem they must face at some point.  Horry County's landfill will reach its full capacity sometime around 2035 if nothing changes.

"We only have 20 years of life left in this landfill and we know there probably won't be another landfill built in Horry County, added Lazarus.  If this one hits capacity you start having to haul it out of here it will cost you more money."

It would cost taxpayers more money because the tipping fees, the price you pay to have your trash taken care of, could jump another 30 to 50 bucks by some estimates.

If there is no realistic way or space to build a new landfill in the county, Lazarus said one option could be to bring in some type of recycling company to help prolong the life of the landfill.

That is why officials from RePower South were at the Coastal Alliance meeting.  What the company does, in the most basic terms is recover, reuse, and recycle materials that are going into a community's waste stream so they do not end up in the landfill.

Repower South says this process can cut out about 80 percent of what is going into a landfill right now.

If we can find a way at a cost effective measure like we heard today at no extra cost to use to divert waste out of there and to increase the life from 20 years to 100 years then we've done a good day's work, said Lazarus.

Members of the Solid Waste Authority plan to go to Alabama to tour a Repower South plant there to see how it works.

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