Solicitor's office shuts down Fantails Gentlemen's Club

Solicitor's office shuts down Fantails Gentlemen's Club

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The seventh strip club in Horry County has been shut down by the solicitor's office.
Fantails was closed, as the result of a hearing last week, said Solicitor Jimmy Richardson.

Police tape has been placed at the gentlemen's club, Richardson said. 

Due to reasons similar to the closings of six Horry County clubs, nuisance, prostitution and drugs played a part in the takeover.

Neighboring employees expected Fantails to shut down sooner rather than later.

"I'm not surprised at all, it's not a very good place," Steven Ennis said.

Steven Ennis works the front desk at the Waccamaw Bowling Center located directly behind fantails.

Though he hasn't heard much about the reasoning behind the closure of Fantails, he wasn't surprised to hear the county wanted it gone.

"Just because of what I've heard about it, and I actually know people who used to dance there and just what they've told me," Ennis said.

Ennis describes what he's heard as concerning.

"There was a lot of shady activities going on, letting underage children going on, selling drugs, and also the prostitution," Ennis said.

In July 2014, the solicitor's office sought to close six strip clubs following nuisance complaints. According to undercover agents working with the solicitor's office, prostitution and unpaid sexual favors were being offered at the clubs.

"I guess at some point when the police have had enough of it. Then they ask us to come in with a nuisance action," Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson explained in July.

Three months later, a judge signed an order to close Airport XXXpress.

Ennis says he often heard commotion in the area of Fantails.

"I've heard gunshots while working here, but with where we are at it's hard to tell where they are coming from," Ennis said.

Ennis does know one thing for sure, he's happy to see Fantails go.

"In fact, I'm glad just because this is a family, business type thing right here, and that's not a good thing in front of our business," Ennis said.

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