Horry County Council to discuss airport, Wicked Stick, beach tents

Horry County Council to discuss airport, Wicked Stick, beach tents

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County leaders are scheduled to meet Tuesday at 6 p.m. for a council meeting to discuss many topics, including the Myrtle Beach airport, rezoning and the sale of Wicked Stick Golf Links, beach tents and more.

MYR officials are scheduled to ask the county for an additional couple million dollars in funding to help cover the costs of new projects.

"There's a lot of capacity growth," said Kirk Lovell, Horry County Dept. of Airports, Marketing Manager. "Not just with Allegiant but with Spirit is up significantly as well. To give you an example, in April, Spirit is up about 10,000 seats compared to the same time last year. So there's a lot of growth going on."


In addition, the future for the Wicked Stick Golf Links area will be discussed by council members.

The new situation at hand is the rezoning of the tract of land that covers the last six holes of the golf course.

It would take the current land, zoned as office park professional, to SF7, which is zoned for single-family homes on 7,000 square-foot lots.

"We're all pretty much jazzed up about the fact that it is going to be single family residential from office professional -- will make it a much much better fit for our community," said Lou Krieger, Southwood resident.

The property for Wicked Stick Golf Links is up for sale, and zoned in three different parcels.

The Southwood neighborhood butts up against the course and has been fighting the county for months to make sure a big box store could not be built directly in their backyards. That can no longer happen.

The new situation that's come up is the rezoning of the tract of land covering the last six holes of the golf course.

It would take it from office park professional to AN AREA designed for single family homes on 7,000 square foot lots.

This property would be sandwiched between Beaver Run Road and the existing Southwood neighborhood.

"We're kind of pretty anxious about what kind of traffic is going to be coming through our community," Krieger said.

Traffic is an issue there because neighborhood roads are already used as a cut-through to get to 544.

That is why there is still a possibility the neighborhood could eventually take control of their roads and create a gated community.

"It's a wait and see situation. It didn't sit well with the home owners association, per say," Krieger added. "And I understand that because it would raise as far as the community monthly fees goes as far as taking care of the roads and we would be responsible for the drainage, too. But it's something that's still hanging around on the table."

Some other big talkers on the agenda that council is scheduled to address Tuesday, include:

1. The first reading for Ordinance 11-15. It implements the provisions of the SC Fairness in Lodging Act to create a civil penalty for failure to remit local accommodations taxes.

Basically, it gives the county the authority to charge people a one-time $500 fee for not paying their accommodations taxes on the homes rented to tenants.

Apparently, this is a major problem here in Myrtle Beach. That's why the county also made additions to its budget in the past couple years to hire additional employees to monitor different rental sites and follow up to see who has a rental home, who is paying, and who purchased a rental home for a primary residence and no longer needs to pay.

2. The first reading for Ordinance 16-15. It amends the FY2015 Budget, so as to add to revenue and expenditures in the General Fund.

Basically, this started as a budget amendment in the Public Safety Committee to designate a certain percentage of the hospitality tax to go specifically to Bikefest.

3. A second reading and public hearing on Ordinance 09-15. It amends the county code, pertaining to further regulations of the pawn business in Horry County. No new information has come out on this topic since the last reading.

4. Finally, the second reading and public hearing for Ordinance 10-15. It amends the county code, so as to provide for exceptions to prohibitions of tents along the beaches in unincorporated Horry County. This is specifically for beach baby tents. There is also nothing new to this reading since the last reading.

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