Car crashes into North Myrtle Beach house

Car crashes into North Myrtle Beach house

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A family awoke Sunday to find a corner of their North Myrtle Beach home in pieces after they believe a car drove into it. James Livingston said he noticed something was going on when the water pressure was low.

"I started looking around and noticed the water running in the backyard," Livingston said. "And I walked out the side and noticed a big hole in the garden center."

The family had been asleep and didn't hear anything when it happened, Livingston said. The car hit a storage area, but none of the families inside were injured.

"When he said they hit the house, I was like, 'Do you have some kind of little pump house out there or something?'" said Katee Spence, Livingston's niece. "I did not think the whole actual house. It was just crazy."

There was a fender and a side view mirror still in the area in the morning, but the driver and car had left the scene. North Myrtle Beach police are investigating the accident.

Livingston said the damage amounts to $15,000 and he'll have to pay $6,000 if the driver isn't found.

This isn't the first time the family said they've experienced a car accident on their property. The house is on Waterside Street at the corner of a turn from Sixth Ave S.

Livingston said there have been three other accidents over the past eight years he's lived in the house. This is the first time a car hit the actual house, but others have come close, he said.

"Almost hit the house, did some more shrubbery damage and the police arrested him for a DUI," Livingston said of an incident he said happened in 2013.

The city of North Myrtle Beach is looking into the incident and representatives said they'll consider adding reflective signage or something to more effectively warn drivers of the sharp turn.

"I think it's not only dangerous for them living here, but dangerous for the people that are doing this because if they were three feet in the opposite direction, they probably would've ended up in the waterway," Spence said.

Spence said she'd like to see a guardrail on the curve to stop drivers from hitting the yard.

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