NMB leaders meet to discuss funding for city budget

PINOPOLIS, SC (WMBF) – Better roads, better equipment for emergency responders, a better quality of life; those are just a few goals the City of North Myrtle Beach is working to fund.

North Myrtle Beach City leaders convened for a two-day budget retreat on Monday, breaking down the budget in detail. It is a five-year plan, with no tax increases expected.

However, there will be minor rate changes in several of the Enterprise Funds.

Those Enterprise Funds along with the General Fund provide positive cash flows for the city. In fact, the year-end balance for the general fund is expected to be around $12,400,000.

To save even more money, the city is using city crews to do more improvement projects, such as paving streets or putting in waterlines. Usually, cities bring in outside contractors for such projects.

"We'll continue to pave new roads and the great news is we're doing that in house now which is saving money," said Mayor Marilyn Hatley.

In addition to road construction projects, the City of North Myrtle Beach expects to finish the Main Street Ocean Outfall project and improvements to Hillside Drive.

Continued funding is budgeted for the Cherry Grove Dredging Project along with adding a splash bad to the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex.

The city expects to be nearly debt free within five years, which puts city leaders in a place to consider projects to improve the area.

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